Инструкция на никон д7100

инструкция на никон д7100
Over the years, DX viewfinders have gotten better and the D7100 is no exception. This menu item used to be called “Multi selector center button”, but Nikon has now renamed it to just “OK button”. It is a huge time saver and something I really wish all Nikon DSLR cameras had. Note: Movies shot in this mode play back like a slide show made up of a series of stills. — [Miniature effect]* Turn a landscape photo into a portrayal of a diorama Distant subjects appear as if they are miniature scale models. Here are 100 percent crops from the D7200 (left) and 80D (right) raw files. In Adobe Lightroom software at its default settings, the D7200 photo exhibits a noticeably more neutral, accurate white balance.

When you want full depth-of-field, choose a high f-stop (aperture). When you want shallow depth of field, choose a lower f-stop. When shooting birds in flight, I tend to reduce that setting to short delays, because I want autofocus to re-engage even with smaller changes. Missing compared to the D7000 Missing compared to the D7000 are the 640-pixel resolution video modes. No analog A/V output cable is included, so the D7100 may lack NTSC/PAL analog video outputs. Nikons look like this + 2 . . . 1 . . . 0 . . . 1 . . . 2 – **How to shoot in manual modeApertureThe aperture or sometimes called the “f stop” is what allows you to have those blurry backgrounds people often ask me about. The main menu tabs are “playback”, “shooting”, “custom settings”, “utility”, “retouch”, and “recently changed”. The menus are all accessed with via the multi-selector thumb dial. I like this layout because its quick to find things and change settings.

Whenever I teach shooting modes, I always get the same question from members of my class, so I’m going to attempt to deal with that one right off the bat. Now personally I couldn’t care less about still live view – I never use it. Our top pick, however, still produces images that have a bit less noise, as you can see in DPReview’s side-by-side comparison tool.

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