Инструкция по hitec optic 6 sport

инструкция по hitec optic 6 sport
Researching several possible choices, and after seeing the videos of the Weekender Extra on YouTube, by 2BrothersHobby, I decided that I would give it a try. The wing outline was drawn with a pencil. Thursday 18.th June 2009 Solved lack of wires or adapters problem with sacrificing test leads from a multimeter and modifiying their heads to fit the Graupner connectors. The PVC pipe is virtually in-breakable the wings again will break on crash. Under the conf folder locate the «control_panel.xml» file and open it in your favourite editor. HINT: make a copy of your working xml file before editing it if you are uncertain about editing xml files.

The YouTube videos are linked from the Hitec Extra 300S page. When the Features section is chosen on the Hitec Extra 300S product page it notes; Target User: Intermediate. Hitec přišel dokonce se zjednodušenou levnější variantou, která nesla označení Optic 6 Sport. S nástupem technologie 2,4 GHz prošli oba modely (standardní i Sport) technickým omlazením a to v podobě modulu na 2,4 Ghz. Improved testing board by making better fastening for circuits.Tuesday 7.th July First proper IR test day.Results: Tilting the horizontal IR circuit didn’t seem to have any effect.

The added right thrust worked out perfectly for the APC 14x10E prop. The photo on the Web site also shows a much longer shaft. With the CG verified and control throws checked, it was ready for the field. 06/06/2014 The Maiden Flight At the flying field, a 4S 2300mAh «A123» battery was topped off. A range check was performed. Problem was that I lacked the needed processes from the seession and that’s why it didn’t do anything. All these links are also available on the relevant product pages, and you will need adobe acrobat reader. If you don’t have this you can download it by clicking the logo on the below. The Castle Creations Phoenix Ice 50 was adjusted following Castle’s recommendation. 06/07/2014 Five flights were flown.

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