Инструкция по загрузке bin

инструкция по загрузке bin
This is used with the old Yocto Dora builds. The default value for the cluster-control property is true.When the property value is true, Oracle Solaris Cluster manages this file system and does not pass the file system information to the zonecfg command. For Keystone-2 platforms, it is configured to be ARM NAND boot mode using SW1 dip switch setting. This is a tiny window manager which also has a few flags that simplify embedded use.

This resource specifies the system identification parameters for all zones of the solaris10 zone cluster. Check the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Release Notes for more information on supported releases for solaris10 brand zone clusters. The clzonecluster command is cluster-aware and supports a single source of administration. First determine the exact size of the flash you’re using: mmc extcsd read /dev/mmcblk2 | grep MAX_ENH_SIZE_MULT -A 1 Max Enhanced Area Size [MAX_ENH_SIZE_MULT]: 0x0001cd i.e. 1888256 KiB So in this case, 1888256 KiB is the max size of the enhanced partition.

These that are listed are recommended for the 4.1.15 which is our current recommended version. Partition SD-Card Refer to our SD-Card partitioning howto. The FPGA includes one significant difference from the MAX3100 chipset. A byte should precede other SPI traffic to select which «max3100» core is being addressed. Upgrading Qt Creator may also resolve this issue.

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