Инструкция по использованию sq 220

инструкция по использованию sq 220
The drive button should be used, in this case, to advance the film one frame. On the other hand, should the drive button be depressed when a film back is attached with film advanced properly and, therefore, in condition for photography, the film will not be advanced. However, there is a tendency for performance to drop when the temperature falls below 0°C (32°F). Therefore, make it a rule to use a new battery and/or keep replacement batteries on hand for shooting outdoors in freezing weather. Since the body and back need to be synchronized, make sure to wind the film crank completely before attaching the back.

Also OTF metering is possible. TTL automatic flash requires the use of the SCA connector located on the shutter side of the body for attachment to a SCA flash adapters. First, remove the finder attached to the camera main body. The main difference with the B model is when mounted the light metering functions in prism finders are not functional. Certified EN and LTF to the EN 12491 and LTF 91/09 standards, the Angel SQ is available in 4 sizes with maximum loads from 100kgs to 220kgs. The left-side shaft of spool holder can be opened by pushing the fresh film spool outward in the arrow indicated A direction.

The two main factors in reserve parachute performance are sink rate and stability. A reserve parachute with an acceptable theoretical sink rate can easily deliver a hard landing if there is pendulum instability. Don’t use sandpaper or emery cloth. • For motor drive system, use fresh batteries with same brand name. Click here to see different screens. B. To install the focusing screen, nest the protrusion at the rear end of the screen in a corresponding groove on the camera main body. However, since the film will not be advanced to the next frame, in this case depress the drive button to advance the film. 16. Setting the Aperture A. The aperture ring is rotated, in either direction, to set the required f/number opposite the white index dot. The film back also contains a crank, useful for setting the film start index. Similar to the 6×4.5 based ETR series that came before it, the SQ uses a leaf shutter based lens design.

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