Инструкция по программе chiploader 1 97 7

инструкция по программе chiploader 1 97 7
Провода я взял короткие, по 15 см, надо было длиннее, неудобно было 13 контакт доставать и вставлять:) Делал по просой схеме, очищал конец на 5 мм, и надевал на него термотрубку, потом нагревал пока не сожмется до необходимого размера. Low and slow and rest will render the fat out and marinate the meat. rub down with your favorite rub at least 12 hrs before. Apple wood/little hickory to smoke with and apple juice in the pan.

Also much easier to clean when on stand or table. This makes for more smoke moving through your smoke chamber quicker. I also found that the chips bur pretty good this way as well and actually found my temp. going up for quite a while after loading a fresh batch which means they are burning good. Built-in thermometer and wireless remote work great and keeps you indoors more in cold weather. Spray them with Apple juice and apple juice in the water pan. WOW!!!They taste just like Ok. Joe’s Bar B.Q. We also did a 8# pork loin rub 12 hours or overnight Cook for 3 hrs and bring in and spray with apple juice then wrap in foil. After 1st hour mist with cherry Dr Pepper. internal temp hits 200 take out and mop with bbq sauce.

The water pan is used to add moisture and additional flavor to the meats you are smoking. Built-in meat probe guarantees perfectly cooked meat every time. Otherwise, it takes too long to get the smoke going. By cutting back I get a lot of smoke. Считывание, расшифровка и стирание кодов неисправностей — в этом режиме осуществляется считывание и обнуление кодов неисправностей (ошибок) регистрируемых ЭБУ диагностируемой системы. На экран выводятся цифровые коды ошибок, типы обнаруженных ошибок (текущие, сохраненные) и их расшифровка.

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